World Trees are giant trees that are grown by Druids. There are only four known world trees.

World Trees Edit

Sordranil Edit

Sordranil, which means Tree of Eternity, now often nicknamed as Crown of Tears, was the original world tree. It was as old as Axarond itself. It is said by Archdruid Myria Sunblossom that Sordranil was The Heart of the World, since after it's destruction by Chaosbringer Axarond's landmasses split in three, thus creating Hallearia, Province and Wortsar, many battles began to ravage the land and Elven nation became addicted to magic. Only six seeds remained, five of whom were planted: Ardrassill, Gordrassil, Ermdranil, Grandanil and Brondasnir. The sixth seed was held by Myria Sunblossom herself.

Ardrassil Edit

Ardrassil, which means Crown of Life, is a world tree found on the top of World's End Mountain. After Sordranil's destruction, one of it's seeds was planted in World's End Mountain to restore Elves' immortality and allow their druids to enter Spirit Dream.

Gordrassil Edit

Gordrassil, which means Crown of the Seas in Protorish or Honor Isle in Quelarian, is a world tree found to the northeast of the coasts of Thel'quelar. It was sown on unpopulated island and soon quickly outgrew it. Currently it serves as the home for Druids.

Ermdranil Edit

Ermirion, which means Connection Tree, was a world tree, that grew in the region, now known as Flaming Deeps. Myria Sunblossom reveals: Ermdranil was so high, that a dove had to fly nine days to get from the top of the tree to it's bottom. The tree was blessed by Krasus. Roughly six hundred years ago he fought a great battle here against his old enemy, Dorn'Danil who won. After Krasus' death the tree tree died and was then burned by Dorn'Danil. This event strengthened Dwarven presence in Province.

Grandranil Edit

Grandranil, which means Tree of Ancestors, is perhaps the smallest world tree found in the jungle of Derestiria. Since for an unknown reason it is growing slower than other world trees. Currently the tree and it's surroundings are controlled by Grandanil Tribe of Trolls. Any adventurers are not welcomed here.

Brondasnir Edit

Brondasnir, which means The Dwelling of Spirits, is a world tree that grows above a crater of a volcano in Zul'dalar Isles. It was planted to stop the eruption of the volcano. Druids in cooperation with spirits have maintained natural balance in the volcano, thus it has never erupted since.

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