Skycloud Mesa




Dark Elf


Apani Stormcusp

Other settlements

Stormcusp Village
Camp Sundown
Camp Rau'kahe
Untanao Stead


Central El Torindar


Fur, Meat, Jewelry

The lush and verdant plains of Verdane are home to noble Taurus. Verdane is protected by natural wall of mountains on all sides. The only passage through these mountains is through the Great Gate that lead into the Great Plains.

Verdane provides rich bounty for hunt, as a diversity of wild beasts roam the plains and climb the foothills of the surrounding range. In the southern section of Verdane, the new Camp Sundown sits in the shadows of the mesas of Skycloud Mesa, a Taurus' city which towers above the plains. Stormcusp Village is centrally located and surrounded by the clear waters of Sunset Lake, while further north on Red Cloud Mesa, Camp Rau'kahe stands as the principal training camp for all young Taurus adventurers.

Locations in Verdane
Camp Sundown · Caverns of Despair · Eagletalon Water Well · The High Gate · Red Cloud Mesa (Camp Rau'kahe · Thornvine Ravine · Verdane Hot Springs · The Vista) · Rune Rocks · Scar of Eternity · Shade Rocks · Skycloud Mesa · Stormcusp Village · Sundown Plains · Sunset Lake · Thunderhorn Water Well · Untanao Stead · Windchaser Water Well

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