Valley of Kings


Meramar (1000)




Dwarf (1500)
Troll (630)
Human (90)


Hereditary monarchy


Azmo Silversickle

Other settlements

Northgate (350)
Cornerbrook Rest (200)
Ermires Overlook (20) Louson Stand (20)


Southern Rudumaa


Timber, Iron, Fish

Valley of Kings is a valley in southwestern Rudumaa. It is a part of the Dwarven Kingdom, thus it belongs to the Force.

History Edit

Previously Valley of Kings belonged to Barbarian hordes. It was conquered by Dwarves under the guidance of Drasos Stormstone just couple centuries ago. Now there's nothing that would remind about the war that occured here. Master Engineer Thargos Hammervim has built such prominent wonders of the world as King's Dam and Grand Chair.

Geography Edit

Valley of Kings is a valley in southwestern Rudumaa. It is a pine forest, with a a lake in the centre. Valley of Kings is located to the west of Gormod Moz, to the south of Sembean Bay, to the east of Borderlands and to the north of Erathna Uplands.

Locations in Valley of Kings
Champions' Rest Hills · Cornerbrook Rest · Dragon's Breath · Eastway Highway · Ermires Overlook · Grand Chair · Gryphon Reaches · Hammerfall · King's Dam · King's Pass · The Loch (Five Sisters) · Louson Swamp (Louson Stand) · Meramar · Meramar Iron Mine · Northgate (Northgate Lumber Mill) · Overflow · Star Falls · Stream Source · Thunderaxe Valley · Vermoires Canyon (Vermoires River · West Pass · North Pass) Queen's Pass