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Camp Seven Stars
Bloodscalp Village


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Gold, Fur, Meat

Upper Prairies (sometimes Barrens or simply Uplands) is a region found in north-central El Torindar.

Recent History Edit

Because of unexperienced temperature growth snow in the Red Rock Range began to melt in great extenses, thus resulting in the overflow of Rapidrash River, flooding of Neonaan Basin, creaton of Marshtide and flooding some parts of western Droughtlands.
After Edros Wayfarer discovered that Ayre Ragetotem is responsible for Redrall's death in Alee, Taurus along with Troll's of the area eliminated local Ragetotems.

Geography Edit

Upper Prairies are located in a strategic location - in the crossroads between Thel'quelar, Droughtlands, Great Plains and Redstone Mountains. Upper Prairies are vast plains of grassland. The land is very dry, thus only few plants can survive here, however, it's not so dry as in Droughtlands. To the north is Hellgate Pass, to the east Droughtlands, to the south Redstone Mountains and Verdane and to the west - Great Plains.
In the northwestern part of the region Rock Crystalclear is located. It is located above a ley line of antigravitation that makes the rocks in the zone fly above the ground.

Travel Connections Edit

Locations in the Upper Prairies
Alee · Bloodscalp Village · Calmere · Camp Seven Stars · Drygulch Ravine · Fields of Shifting Sands · Grullum's Farm · Hanaan · Linden Mere · Marshtide · Mesa Frigid Winds · Neon Lake · Neonaan Basin · Rapidrash River · Rock Crystalclear · Rolling Plains · Screaming Winds Pass · Southwind Highway · Spiritwalk · Splinterspear Water Well · Thunderhorn Water Well · Verdantlush Oasis · Via Lappia · Windrunner Water Well

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