Tree of Souls was an unsuccessful attempt of Elven druids to grow a World Tree out of a simple seed. The tree was planted in an intersection of ley lines in order to grow it bigger and more powerful. In the beginning the tree punnied, therefore druids tried to empowerish it with nature magic, however they overestimated with the use of magic on so small tree and in conjunction with the location over ley lines it became corrupted and parts of it began to glow. However, druids continue to guard the tree from any demon who might be dragged to the tree by the magic.

Locations in Caranor
Adnarak · Calm Notch · Cannibal Thicket · Cliffstand · Colossus of the Castaway · Faerie Dell (Caverns of Message · Everwind · Narrowford · The Omen) · Fields of Blood · The Flow · Hellgate · Heroes' Call · Lucid Gardens · Marshal's Stand · Mary's Sluice · Orchid Glade · Silverwind Lake · South Sanctum · Summerset Ponds · Starfire Citadel · Terminus · Terrace of the Four Winds · Tree of Souls

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