Three Forces

Main Leaders

Eremdres Modan (formerly)
Roglan the Fierce

Secondary Leaders

Warlord Essem


Modan Dwarves (formerly)



Base of Operations

Domination Fjord, Summerspring, Keystone, Titan's Home, Mountains of Makers, Coldlands



Three Forces is an alliance between Morse and Apathi. Untill Nayak Neyrum's betrayal Modan Dwarves were members of this alliance, too.

History Edit

Formation Edit

After Curse of Undeath was brought to Wortsar it quickly and overwhelmingly ravaged most of the continent in couple years. Such races as Morse, Modan Dwarves and Apathi barely survived this plague. Eremdres Modan organised a meeting between the leaders of the three races and all agreed to join in a coalition against the plague to fight for their home and for their families.

Downfall Edit

Several centuries later Three Forces had strengthened their position in Wortsar. Their actions heavily limited distribution of the plague.
Recently, after the last battle against the Cursed, Nayak Neyrum, son of Eremdres Modan fell and was resurrected by one of the Cursed to become one of them. This changed the course of the battle and soon Cursed won. Anu'anak and Roglan the Fierce thought of it as a betrayal and therefore they expelled Modan Dwarves from the Three Forces. Eremdres Modan was deeply affronted and therefore started to battle them, thus converting Summerspring into a battlefield. This misunderstanding created an opportunity for Cursed to expand their territory. This event caused slow destruction of the alliance of Three Forces.

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