Taurus, Children of the Earth




Skycloud Mesa

Racial leader(s)

Apani Stormcusp



Known languages

Ratakhe (native)


Kodo, Wyvern


(251 to 288cm) Male
(240 to 277cm) Female

Life span



Druidism, Herbalism, Woodworking

Taurus are one of the youngest members of the Guardians native to El Torindar.

Culture Edit

Mythology Edit

Taurus have a complex set of myths which are also considered to be the prehistory of their race.

Faith Edit

Spirits Edit

Hierarchy Edit

Languages Edit

Names Edit

Regions Edit

Relations Edit

Appearance Edit

Taurus' Tribes Edit

  • Stormcusp Tribe - The Stormcusp Tribe of Taurus is the biggest Taurus tribe by population and therefore it is also the leading Taur tribe.
  • Chasermane Tribe - The Chasermane Tribe is a Taurus tribe consisting of skilled druids. They live in the northern reaches of Verdane.
  • Thunderhorn Tribe - The Thunderhorn Tribe of Taurus live in the region of Great Plains to the west of Verdane. These Taurus are great jewelcrafters and woodcrafters.
  • Windchaser Tribe - The Windchaser Tribe was one of the greatest Taurus' tribes but eventually it's people assimilated with Stormcusp Taurus. They are very peaceful.
  • Ragetotem Tribe - The Ragetotem Tribe doesn't want to join the Guardians for unknown reasons. They have even started to fight against their brethren of other tribes.
  • Eagletalon Tribe - The Eagletalon Tribe of Taurus live in northern Great Plains by the coast of Sea of Mists. These Taurus have developed the arts of fishing.
  • Wayfarer Tribe - The Wayfarer Tribe lives in the region known as Shady Canyon. This tribe is home to many of the greatest hunters among the Guardians.

Numerous other small Taurus tribes.

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