Tarandar is the capital of Evergreen Valley. It is located in very convenient place, so any other place is easily and fast accessible.

It contains a pub, a school, a church, a market and a forge.

Locations in Evergreen Valley
Abandoned Stead · Ammundsen Stead · Barbarian Wall · Black Lake (Pavillion) · Blasaltar Keep · Canyonic Gates · Construction Site · Fireblood Cavern · Flooded Fields · Godaltar Meadows · Greatriver · Greatriver Falls · Hillinn · Logging Camp · Lucy's Tomb · Meanders · Ninth Legion Base Camp · Northshire (Evergreen Abbey [ Library Wing · Orphanage Wing · Bishop's Rooms · Church] · Frostwhisper Pond) · Rascaldale · Screamwind Pass · Swan Song · Swan Song Keep · Tarandar · Tarandar Fields · Tower of Godaltar · Waywatch Tower · Yerickssen Stead

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