Spirit's Rest is a graveyard that makes up much of north-central part of Valley of Ancestors. The graveyard is guarded by Chastity Guardians who possess the power of telepathy and are empowered by the spirits of the dead, therefore it is nearly impossible to interfere the peace of the dead.

Locations in the Sentinel Woods
Coldwind Snows · Crooked Wood · The Dove of Peace · Dragon Falls · Enlightened Woods · Fallen Star Lake · First Resistance Blockade · Frozen Sea · Moon Garden · Morning Gate · Mystral Lake (Mystral Den) · Night Gate · Nightlight Woods · Nirn Grove · Orlandi's Retreat · Pools of Sanctity · Reflection Lake · Restranaar · Second Resistance Blockade · Serpent Run · Shrine of Saneria · Slaughtering Stand · Stargate Lodge · Temple of the Rising Sun · Titans' Wall · Twilight Gate · Valley of Ancestors (Maerra's Home · Spirits' Rest · Pearl Lake) · Westspring Rocks · Withered Thicket

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