Originally South Sanctum was meant to acquire arcane energies to perform Elven magics. However, after many Elves fell to the curse that transformed them into Vampires it's energies were unused and thus it began to suffer from malfunction and thus was infested with arcane wraiths.
Later the source of magic in the South Sanctum was restored to stop the malfunction. During Elven Invasion in Caranor Vampires used this sanctum to create mana bombs, but later South Sanctum was taken over by Elves. During Operation:Vendetta Vampires managed to retake the sanctum and restore it to it's former glory.

Locations in Caranor
Adnarak · Calm Notch · Cannibal Thicket · Cliffstand · Colossus of the Castaway · Faerie Dell (Caverns of Message · Everwind · Narrowford · The Omen) · Fields of Blood · The Flow · Hellgate · Heroes' Call · Lucid Gardens · Marshal's Stand · Mary's Sluice · Orchid Glade · Silverwind Lake · South Sanctum · Summerset Ponds · Starfire Citadel · Terminus · Terrace of the Four Winds · Tree of Souls

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