Soria Greygale


Queen of the Kingdom of Evergreen






Alive (born 998AC)


Furion Greygale (husband)
Joanne (daughter)
Andreus (son)
Lothar (son)

Soria Greygale (born: Soria of Bluetshire) is the queen of Kingdom of Evergreen, wife of Furion Greygale and mother of Joanne, Andreus and Lothar.

Personality Edit

Soria Greygale is very religious. She has opened schools for poor children and orphanages in Evergreen and Wind Vale and opened hot soup kitchens, where poor people can get food absolutely for free. She is beloved queen of her people and symbol of charity within the Force.

One of Soria's passions are cats. She likes cats very much, and she has a cat named Binkie. Second Soria's passion is gardening. She is creator of Royal Gardens and gardens in the Swan Song. It is said that her favourite flowers are blue carnations, which are found only within Fairyvale. Another Soria's passion is horse-riding. She has nine horses.

She is described as a merciful, fair, just, reliable and naive person, bad ruler and a good mother to her children. It is said she doesn't support wars or any other strife and is willing to restore peace with the Guardians.

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