Skycloud Mesa




Apani Stormcusp




Taurus (6,000)
Troll (1,000)
Elf (1,000)
Goblin (600)
Dark Elf (80)




Southeastern Verdane

Skycloud Mesa is the Taurus capital city located in the southeastern part of rolling plains of Verdane on the continent of Province. The entire city is built on bluffs high above the surrounding landscape, and is accessible by elevators on the northwestern and southeastern sides.

Geography Edit

Skycloud Mesa is located in the southwestern edge of Verdane, among the sprawling flatlands of the Sundown Plains. The weather is always warm and sunny, with intermittent breezes carried in from the neighbouring regions. The city is comprised of many towering mesas, or rises. The only entrances from the plains below are elevators leading to the central platform. The central rise is connected to others by long rope bridges.

Skycloud Mesa is most likely the optimal place for travelling in Province for the Guardians, as it is located in almost the center of the continent and is connected with numerous prominent Guardians' cities.

Travel Edit

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