Sky Falls is a large waterfall, whose waters come from Sorrowwind Vale, to form Nazgarand Creek. Around the waterfall Goblins have built a village, which contains pub, stables and forge. Slave Pits can be accessed from Sky Falls.

Locations in Far Far East
Agamand Pumpkin Yard · Aquareef · Aracnica · Aracnica Crossing · Aurora Isle · Bay of Storms · Dalson's Apple Orchard · Darkcloud Pinnacle · Dying Wood · Eastern Golden Dig · Estuzar · Gaol · Great Canyon · Holy Bay · Island of Corpses (Adalwatha) · Mount Vonasond (Crater) · Nazgarand Creek · Northgale Lumber Yard · Rainbow Lake · Sacred Grounds · Sky Falls · Skygate Way · Slave Pits · Sorrowwind Vale · Vicious Wood (Lake of Tears) · Vonasond · Wreckage of Light's Hope

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