Defiant Skullspitter Tribe




Vendetta Strive

Racial leader(s)




Known languages



Tallstrider, Boar


(189 to 202cm) Male
(178 to 191cm) Female

Life span

Usually 96

Skullspitter Tribe of Trolls is among the smallest Troll tribes. Formerly it was a major force of southern Rudumaa but now, after many repressions their population reduced to 217.

History Edit

Recent History Edit

Laondri Betset decided that Skullspitters are members of the Guardians as most Trolls are. Therefore she blew up Skullspitter Village thus creating Bloodshed Scar.
Many Skullspitters died, including chieftain Naoriah, well-known assassin Lementhia and keeper of knowledge Ramstadt as well as most of the tribe's members.
Daughter of Naoriah, Edriah swore revenge to Dwarves and settled next to their former village founding Vendetta Strive.

Famous Skullspitters Edit

Name Role Condition Location
Edriah Chieftain of Skullspitter Tribe. Founder of Vendetta Strive. Alive Vendetta Strive, Dark Town
Lementhia Assassin of Khan Cashenith II. Deceased Buried
Marlariah Mother of Naoriah. Orphanage matron. Alive Vendetta Strive
Naoriah Former chieftain of Skullspitter Tribe. Founder of Skullspitter Village. Deceased Buried
Ramstadt Last Voodoo master of western style. Deceased Buried

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