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Silverfir Wood, or simply Silverfir, is a forest in central Rudumaa. The land is hilly.

History Edit

Even before the wake of Man Silverfir Wood has been cursed. Redmoon Battle which occured here shaped the future of Axarond. Much blood was spillt and battle was hard but the Gods won. They imprisoned Zrydrinn under this forest, where he slept for an eternity. Gods abandoned the wood but they left Old Guardians behind them to protect the forest and let none in. Since Zrydrinn sleeps under the forest it's trees received silver hue.

Thousands of years after Redmoon Battle Nords under the guidance of Zygmund the Conqueror settled here, in the cursed wood which they named Silverfir. The Old Guardians were sleeping and thus the Nords could enter this wood.

Later they proclaimed this land as part of the Nordic Kingdom and put Arangal Stormcaller in charge. By the time he became influenced by the Zrydrinn's curse and he bacame the first werewolf. The curse continued to spread and later it afflicted all Silverfir Wood's inhabitants. This resulted in massive and regular bloodbaths which later became one of the reasons of Imperium City's fall.

This was a difficult time for Nordic Kingdom as a large portion of it's inhabitants started a civil war and later left the kingdom forever, thus it became too weak to face the progressive problem of the curse. Humanity's most successful mage - Arminium - took the Dead Soul from the Arduous Monastery. After hard battles they managed to drive out the werewolves, but it had major consequences. The Dead Soul cursed the land again and thus plants, animals and Humans who lived there. These Humans became Undead. The Curse of Undeath quickly spread further to modern day Deadwood and other areas further.

For many years Undead were controlled by Arminium whose mind was controlled by Zrydrinn. Undead were attacking the Werewolves, therefore they killed Arminium to stop their attacks. This freed their minds from Arminium's and Zrydrinn's control. Now Undead and Werewolves are battling one another for this land which they called 'theirs' when they were Humans.

Geography Edit

Silverfir Wood is located atop a cliff that splits Rudumaa in two.
Silverfir Wood is a vast forest that is bordered by Midnight Peninsula to the west, Froststone Mountains to the north, Deadwood to the east, Derestiria and Borderlands to the south.
The wood is cursed by Zrydrinn's curse therefore it is very dark, unhospitable and foreboding. The land is fairly flat, but small hills, mossy overhangs and grassy knolls are common. Many razed farms and vacant mines dot the land and are commonly described as "forsaken". Many wild and aggressive creatures roam throgh the land, air and water.

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