Capital, metropolis


Furion Greygale


At least 60,000






Northeastern Evergreen Valley

Shaladlar is the capital city of Humans of the Kingdom of Evergreen. It is named for Shaladresa, wife of Largrim Eagleye, founder of the Kingdom of Evergreen.

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Old Town is the part of Shaladlar which has left unchanged since the formation of Shaladlar. There are two pubs in this part of Shaladlar: Filthy Drunkard and Shady Cellars. Numerous buildings have fallen into disrepair. Crime is a constant problem to this section of the city. It is the residential area for most of the poor folk of the city. They constantly riot against anybody who is wealthier than they. This part of the city is known for it's black market that has been hiden somewhere within Old Town. It is the headquarters for rogue and warlock guilds of the city.

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Lionheart Harbor is located in the northernmost area of the Shaladlar City. There are two access points set to the Lionheart Harbor. One between The Citadel and Court of the Freedom and one between Court of Freedom and Marble Square. Towers of Shaladlar City watch high above the harbor, with cannons stationed all along the walls. Lionheart Harbor is a major transportation hub, the docks and the flight master are located here. The docks connect to Wortsar and Underbay. Lionheart Harbor is also full of bars and shops, as well as traders, who wander through the harbor and offers repairs, reagents, food and drinks.

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Royal Gardens are located to the west of Trade Quarter and Court of Freedom and to the south of The Citadel. Royal Gardens contain many rotondas, statues, ponds and rare trees. There is a mage tower in the southwestern edge of the quarter, that overlooks the mountains around the city and the city itself. It is also the only place in the world, where swans are present within a city.

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