Saint Nicholas was the first archbishop of the Faith of Holy Light and founder of Nordic Kingdom.

Biography Edit

Saint Nicholas was born in a poor peasant family. When he was young, his parents and younger sister were slaughtered by Barbarian hordes. Nicholas seeked help to his uncle, who was a rich and drastic Nord chieftain. He accepted him as a slave. Nicholas accepted his cruelty, because it was much more safe to live in his uncle's city, than outside of it. There Saint Nicholas grew up and met his youthful love, Veronica. Unfortunately Veronica was daughter of Nicholas's uncle.
When his uncle discovered that they both share feelings against each other, they both were expelled out of his city. One year later they both married and soon Veronica gave birth to Adeleus, Josephe and Anastasy. They all lived happily, on an island later to be known as Arkanar. Not a long time had passed, when Aggrakar, who was summoned by Nicholas's uncle killed Nicholas's spouse and their three children.
When Nicholas seeked to revenge, he was enlightened. He understood that revenge will bring only destruction and evil. Instead of revenge he convinced others, that Demons will bring only destruction, instead Nords better should worship light. Saint Nicholas together with his first followers fonded Arkanar. Sometimes this event is considered foundation of Nordic Kingdom and Church of Holy light.

To be continued...

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