The Ruins of Ol'shore are all that remain of the Human town of Ol'shore.

History Edit

Ol'shore was founded soon after the formation of Shaladlar. It was founded by people, who didn't like the alacrity of Shaladlar. Ol'shore was northernmost town of the Kingdom. At the beginnings of the Kingdom Ol'shore was twice attacked and destroyed by the armies of soon-to-be-failing Nordic Kingdom, the ancestor of the Kingdom. However, residents of Ol'shore restored it both times. Ol'shore remained important Kingdom's town and port untill it was attacked by Barbarian hordes. Most of inhabitants were slaughtered, some escaped to Evergreen Valley, while others became Pirates.

Description Edit

Ol'shore had 6 000 inhabitants, most of whom were Humans, while there were also a plenty of dwarves. Town had a church, docks, city hall and other amenities. Ruins of Ol'shore contained one of two ports in the Kingdom and was famous with it's herrings.

Currently Ruins of Ol'shore is nothing more than a sad reminder to the former greatness of the Kingdom. It is inhabited by hostile Pirates, who still seek for some treasure and slaughter everyone coming too close to their former home.

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