Rapidrash River is a river whose main source of water is snowmelt of Red Rock Range. It drops from the mountains via spectacular waterfalls and creates Calmere. Further it continues as a natural boundary between Upper Prairies and Droughtlands. After crossing these two regions the river slips underground under Redstone Mountains, where it continues as Spiritsong River.

Recently due to an unexperienced temperature growth, snow in Red Rock Range has began to melt in great extenses. This has caused the flooding of Neonaan Basin, creation of Marshtide and flooding some parts of southwestern Droughtlands.

Locations in the Upper Prairies
Alee · Bloodscalp Village · Calmere · Camp Seven Stars · Drygulch Ravine · Fields of Shifting Sands · Grullum's Farm · Hanaan · Linden Mere · Marshtide · Mesa Frigid Winds · Neon Lake · Neonaan Basin · Rapidrash River · Rock Crystalclear · Rolling Plains · Screaming Winds Pass · Southwind Highway · Spiritwalk · Splinterspear Water Well · Thunderhorn Water Well · Verdantlush Oasis · Via Lappia · Windrunner Water Well

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