Pools of Sanctity can be found in the eastern part of the Sentinel Woods. The pools consist of several lakes with a shrine in the centre. This is the most brightest part of the region and is enlightened by several sunbeams. The pools are located in a valley and territory around them is extremely rich in animal and plant life.

Locations in the Sentinel Woods
Coldwind Snows · Crooked Wood · The Dove of Peace · Dragon Falls · Enlightened Woods · Fallen Star Lake · First Resistance Blockade · Frozen Sea · Moon Garden · Morning Gate · Mystral Lake (Mystral Den) · Night Gate · Nightlight Woods · Nirn Grove · Orlandi's Retreat · Pools of Sanctity · Reflection Lake · Restranaar · Second Resistance Blockade · Serpent Run · Shrine of Saneria · Slaughtering Stand · Stargate Lodge · Temple of the Rising Sun · Titans' Wall · Twilight Gate · Valley of Ancestors (Maerra's Home · Spirits' Rest · Pearl Lake) · Westspring Rocks · Withered Thicket

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