Phoenix Mountains


Deril'Diel (1,000)




Elf (6,400) Troll (600)




Nethestra Olarera

Other settlements

Lakeshore (4,500)
Mangnaa Village (400)


Southeastern Thel'quelar


Herbs, phoenixes, treasure

Phoenix Mountains is a zone in Elven kingdom of Thel'quelar. The zone is very elevated and "wild". It is the origin of Phoenixes.

History Edit

Phoenix Mountains has always been wild and a rather unsafe place. From the beginning of known time the nature has ruled over it. Because of being "wild" and hard reachable the zone is home to Elven mages, who dwell in the city of Deril'Diel. Recently the fast-growing Elven kingdom of Thel'quelar has grew so large, it is expanding in Phoenix Mountains, endangering, not only the environment, but Thel'quelar too.

Geography Edit

Phoenix Mountains are very elevated and has large height differences. Accordingly it has many lakes and waterfals, giving the zone it's own harmony. Unlike most of Elven territories, which enjoy diurnal daylight, Phoenix Mountains has dark nights. From the north and west the zone is surrounded by mountains, but from east and south by cliffs on the shores of the sea.

City of Deril'Diel is located on the eastern edge of the zone. Using magic elven mages can make the city float above the cliffs and the sea.