Dun Adre (3,000)




Dwarf (5,000)
Mankind (1,500)
Barbarian (500)


Sedimus Goldentooth (Dwarves)
Atholas Armstrong (Humans)

Other settlements

Greatstorm (2,000)


Northern Usumaa


Iron, copper, marble

Palasade (sometimes Palasades) is a relatively small region on extreme north of Usumaa, which is surrounded by Maldanas Strait to the north, Sea of Mists to the east, Forbidding Sea to the west and Barbarica to the south.

History Edit

In a time long ago, when Hallearia was still a unified continent Palasade was continuation of Barbarica. However, a catastrophe changed it forever. Northern Palasade was torn under the waters of Maldanas, while south was made into a mountain range. When Mankind arose on the continent of Rudumaa it named area to the south of Maldanas Palasade, which means Far south, which really was southern border of the world known by them.

After War of Two brothers Largrim Eagleye chose to venture to the south of Palasade desperately trying to find a land, which could be home for his people. As he couldn't get over the range, he chose to bypass it via the sea. Only recently Palasade has become populated by Dwarves, who have carved a path thorugh the mountains to make travel thorugh this zone possible.

Geography Edit

Palasade is a high mountain range in the far north of Usumaa. Geographically it stretches all over Usumaa, extending to Eastarra. Thus Fairyvale and Blackwind Pass are also parts of the Palasade. Palasade is crossed by Mausol's Pass which crosses the region from south to north. Hundred years ago Dwarven engineers have built Ordrilon Link, a bridge that connects Palasade with Erathna Uplands.