Ordrilon Link (aka. Ordrillon Link) is one of the biggest engineering project ever completed by the Dwarves. Ordrilon Link are two bridges that span across Maldanas Strait. These bridges are the only land route between Rudumaa and Usumaa, more accurately, Erathna Uplands and Palasade.

Ordrilon Link has been built by Adamant Warhammer when Palasadean Clan allied with Silversickle Clan. He wanted to improve the relationships between the clans by communicating with each other, in order to do so, they needed a bridge. While still building the bridge, Barbarians saw that doing so would endanger their existence and therefore they attacked Dwarves who were building the bridge at the time. In order to not to let Barbarians in the Palasade eastern bridge has been blown up by Dwarves. However, later they completed western bridge which they now guard in order to make it safe for Force to travel between the northern and southern parts of Hallearia.

Recently they planned to build also third bridge, however, soon after they started they were heavily attacked by Orcs who have been allied with the Guardians who thought that by building third bridge would rapidly increase Force's presence in Erathna. Dwarves were stubborn and soon they got on to work. However, with the help of Ridrilli Orcs signed a bond with Dwarves that they won't build third bridge in exchange of Orcs who won't attack Palasadean Dwarves. Dwarven king Azmo Silversickle was enraged about such action of Palasadean Dwarves and they were almost expelled from the Force. But after Setha Warhammer explained Azmo that such action was done to keep peace in Erathna, Azmo calmed down and was happy about the peace on the borders of Dwarven Kingdom. He quickly brought many resources to Capital Point in order to eliminate Orcs of Erathna and attacked them, thus Orc and Dwarven bond has been terminated and an all-out war has begun in Erathna.

Locations in Erathna Uplands
Arka'Dathy · Arthur's Knoll · Bloodfall · Capital Point · Distant Plains · Erathan Manor · Grove of the Four Eternals · High Crossing · Hundred Steps · Janickssen Stead · Jorgen Ogre Field · Lone Field · Mountain Way · Net · Ordrillar · Ordrilon Link · Peacedowns · Quarte Mar · Ruins of Kel'Theraal · Ruins of Sylvanar · Sandstorm Pass · Shen'dohan · Shu - Wey Village · Spire of Dread · Temple of Zul'manashi · Whispering Dell · Withered Oak · Xuma'Nethor

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