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Nordic Kingdom was a Nord country that occupied modern day Deadwood, Verdance and Silverfir Wood.

History Edit

Fall Edit

Nordic Kingdom experienced catastrophic end.
Under the cursed Silverfir Wood, Zrydrinn started to wake up and released a curse to wood's inhabitants - Nords, who became Werewolves. By the time, with their population growing there was none Nord left, which resulted in massive and regular bloodbaths.
Lordus Eagleye was one of the bitten and he died. Largrim Eagleye, his oldest son, became king in the same day. But Bruth Greygale wanted to be king, too, therefore he put Largrim into prison and announced that he has been kidnapped. Bruth became regent king of Nordic Kingdom. When Largrim was released from it by Shaladresa, powerful Elven mage, he notified the population of Nordic Kingdom about the true circumstances of the situation. Most of population of Nordic Kingdom started a civil war, which lasted for a year and only enworsed the situation in the kingdom. In the end of the war Largrim refused from his throne and together with his followers fled to the south and left Nordic Kingdom forever.
Archmage Arminium tried to drive off the Werewolves by using Dead Soul on them. Dead Soul was a new weapon and hasn't been tested therefore it's possible consequences were unknown. Nords managed to drive off the Werewolves, but soon Dead Soul unleashed Plague of Undeath, which made sick plants and animals. Those who ate fruits, vegetables and berries of the sick plants and milk, meat and eggs of the sick animals became sick themselves and soon became mindless Undead. Undead were controlled by Arminium, who, under the influence of the plague, became servant of Zrydrinn. They raided the lands around the Nordic Kingdom, attacked Werewolves and tried to wake up Zrydrinn, who was responsible for the plague.
Werewolves were regularly killed by Undead, therefore they killed Arminium. His death resulted in freeing Undead' minds from Arminium's and thus Zrydrinn's control. Undead under the guidance of Syndra Asyntharia began to claim this land as their own marking the end of the existence of Nordic Kingdom.
There were several Nords who were immune against Plague of Undeath. They live predominantly in Kingsriver Village.

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