Blossom Pointe (2,000)






Amertha Armstrong

Other settlements

Kargathar Keep
Northwind Refugee Camp
Ravenspear Village
Camp Shatterskull
Camp Warmhearth
Camp Ten Thunders
Resistance Fort


South-western Hallearia


Seafood, fur, hunting

Newfoundland is a coastal region in south-western Hallearia. Blackwind Pass is to the east, Wind Vale to the southeast, Forbidding Sea to the south and west, while northern areas are the continuation of the mountains of Palasade.

History Edit

Formerly region, which is now known as Newfoundland was the bottom of the sea. After it was discovered by Dwarves they claimed it as their territory. For years they have lived in relative peace, not interfered by younger races, but recently Humans have come to weaken Dwarven presence next to the borders of the Kingdom of Evergreen.
Not only humans try to claim rights to the region, but Orcs have come, too, due to they have have been pushed out from their homeland in Almoros. Now orcs have found an ally - Guardians.
While trying to reduce Wildwind Clan's presence by the borders of the Kingdom of Evergreen Dwarven explorer Bodril Warhammer discovered a gate in western Blackwind Pass. They blew up the gate using esplosives and thus discover a new land, which they name Newfoundland. First they settle in Camp Ten Thunders by the Lake Ler'menahl and continue to explore the new land. Soon they find out that this land is occupied by Wildwind Dwarves, too. Human forces arrive with ships and establish three villages for the ever-growing Human population: Thessalar, Colonia and Antonia. Soon Humans of Colonia discover begin rumouring that this land is full of Orcs. Soon all three sides begin battling each other (Humans - Dwarves - Orcs). Orc minority is forced to retreat to what is now known as Northwind Refugee Camp. In order not to be crushed under Force's banner they make allies with local Trolls and the Guardians who fastly arrive in order to create a foothold in Usumaa. Thus Orcs are able to gain advantage. When they strengthen their positions they build Kargathar Keep and begin large wood chopping and ore mining operations in order to make their war machines to battle against Humans. They build Camp Warmhearth and Camp Shatterskull. By this time Colonia starts to languish because it is so close to Orc holdings and so far from other Human holdings. Orcs in coalition with Trolls and Goblins conquer Colonia and imprison Human and Dwarf survivors.
By this time the Force has begun building Millenium Harbor, which completed would become the biggest port in the world. However, Orcs soon kill Architect Haydem Wilson and Humans are forced to stop the project. Amertha Armstrong promises to revenge the Orcs and she begins building Resistance Fort, however, it is later bombed by Orcs. Now, the Force has completely weakened but in battle's heat Dwarves have managed to gain greater holdings. Orcs and the Force are forced to form an uneasy truce between themselves to stop increasing Dwarven presence in the region.
Just before both alliances have destroyed the last Dwarven opposition, Force betrays the Guardians and alongside with Dwarves turn the front line for the betterment of the Force.