Monsoth (from Saaminn: Home) is the southernmost subcontinent of one of three Province's subcontinents.

Geography Edit

In a time long ago all of Province was a huge desert. After Silverleaf Eon it's southern reaches have become way more hospitable than they were before. El Torindar, the middle subcontinent of Province lies to the north of Monsoth. Monsoth consists of only four pretty different regions:

  • Hashagda - Hashagda is the only region of Monsoth that remained as a desert. It makes most of continental Monsoth. Many ruins of Athean Empire still dot the land. It is one of two regions in the world of Axarond where Ath can be found.
  • Merador - After part of Monsoth became "green" Merador seceded from the mainland of Monsoth. Now Merador is a marsh, where mushrooms are instead of trees. Leyputrians, one of Force races, call Merador their home. In the northwestern part there is a volcano in whose crater city of Maased lies.
  • Mosquito Coast - Mosquito Coast is part of Brightspring which is located in El Torindar, however, Mosquito Coast is viewed as a part of Monsoth. It is a chain of islands between western Merador and southern Wetlands which mark the western border of the Southern Seas.
  • Silvershard Isle - Silvershard Isle has recently risen from the bottoms of the sea. Silvershard Isle lies to the southeast of Merador. The whole isle is a coniferous forest covered with purple flowers and crystals which negatively influence the mushrooms of Merador. All regions of Monsoth except for Silvershard Isle have also been divided into the Eastern and Western Province.
  • Southshore - Southshore lies in the southwestern coast of continental Monsoth. It is a unique area where desert meets the forest and the steppes.

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