Rulers of the Kingdom of Evergreen is a list of all former and current rulers of the Kingdom of Evergreen.

List Edit

Eagleye dinasty Edit

Reign Name Notes
0-62AC Largrim Eagleye Official successor of throne of Nordic Kingdom. Founder of the Kingdom of Evergreen and Shaladlar.
62AC-97AC Sedrick Eagleye Son of Largrim. First known Half-elf. Made peace with
the Defiant.
97AC-117AC Walt Eagleye Son of Sedrick. Ruled together with Largrim Eagleye II. Died after a battle against an ogre, protecting his brother, Largrim.
97AC-146AC Largrim Eagleye II Son of Sedrick. Ruled together with Walt Eagleye.
146AC-229AC Zaurin Eagleye Son of Walt. Died at age of 114 years. Great knight. He conquered Wind Vale.
229AC-230AC Apopheus Eagleye Son of Zaurin. In 230AC he left the Kingdom of Evergreen and founded it's county - Lordanore.
230AC-288AC Helene Eagleye

Daughter of Apopheus. The first and the last queen
of the Kingdom of Evergreen. Didn't have children.

288AC-302AC Aurin Eagleye Grandson of Apopheus.
302AC-357AC Vayrin Eagleye Son of Aurin
357AC-409AC Stephen Eagleye Son of Vayrin
409AC-444AC Stephen Eagleye II Son of Stephen Eagleye.
444AC-498AC Leo Eagleye Grandson of Stephen Eagleye.
498AC-533AC Magnus Eagleye Son of Leo Eagleye.
533AC-582AC Almandor Eagleye Son of Magnus Eagleye.
582AC-621AC Stephen Eagleye III Son of Almandor. His daughter was the first known countess of Bloodblade dinasty.
621AC-623AC Gregory Julian Eagleye Son of Stephen Eagleye III.
623AC-655AC Alberth Eagleye Son of Gregory Julian. Rebuilt Shaladlar
655AC-672AC Leo Eagleye II Son of Alberth Eagleye.
672AC-711AC Saruz Eagleye Son of Leo Eagleye II. Didn't have children.
711AC-758AC Andreus Eagleye Grandson of Leo Eagleye II. Grew up in orphanage. Great tactitian. Built Barbarian Wall and founded Silverblades. During his reign the Kingdom of Evergreen was on it's zenith.
758AC-769AC Stephen Eagleye IV Son of Andreus Eagleye. Ancestor of Drastor Bloodblade, Jean Bloodblade and Archbishop Benedictus.
769AC-821AC Baltazar Eagleye The last king of the Kingdom of Eagleye dinasty.
Great-grandson of Saruz Eagleye's brother. Initiated a war between the Defiant and the Force. Didn't have children.

Greygale dinasty Edit

Reign Name Notes
830AC-872AC Breneth Greygale After the Great War of the Kingdom of Evergreen. Founding the Church he managed to restore Kingdom.
872AC-891AC Marth Greygale Son of Breneth. He brought peace with neighbours of the Kingdom of Evergreen.
891AC-914AC Council of Greygale Marth Greygale had 4 sons: Stephen, Leo, Magnus and Zaurin. In Council of Greygale they all ruled together.
914AC-944AC Stephen Greygale Son of Marth.
944AC-957AC Dorian Greygale Son of Leo. Killed Stephen to get to his "rightful" throne.
957AC-992AC Duke Greygale Brother of Dorian. He built Swan Song Keep
992AC-1014AC- Erberth Greygale Son of Duke.
1014AC-present Furion Greygale Current ruler of the Kingdom of Evergreen. Son of Erberth. Wants to restore peace with Trolls.