Racial leader(s)

Asra Turya



Known languages



Sheep, Greater Owl


(76 to 95cm) Male
(70 to 89cm) Female

Life span

180-270 years


Engineering, weaponcrafting

Leyputrians are a race, composed of small humanoids, that dwell on the isle of Merador.

History Edit

When Elvish king of Thel'quelar, Al'shador started his reign, during Silverleaf Eon he wanted to destroy Fairies, because it was a massive force, which had to be stopped, because it endangered his security.
During ten millenia long period of peace Fairies were fallen asleep, because nature didn't need them. Al'shador started a crusade to kill all remaining Fairies on the world of Axarond. Fortunately, the nature felt, that danger soon may endanger it's existence, therefore it woke Fairies up.
In this battle Al'shador lost, but both desirous sides suffered heavy losses. Many Fairies, who fell in the battle were later resurrected by their brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, death made it's own scars on the fallen Fairies - these Fairies became mortal and evolution has led them to what we know today, Leyputrians.

After this battle very much of Province fell into the seas of Axarond. Southern region of Monsoth, Merador continued to sink, untill it became an island. Later, in the southern end of this island Volcano appeared. Previously desert-lands of Monsoth were partially healed, and now isle of Merador is a swampy wood, instead of being a desert.
Soon after the land was healed, it was settled by Leyputrians, who built their homes on this island and crafted the lives of their childrens on this island, too. After the start of Asra's Tyurgaor's reign they have built also Maased, which is now their capital city and have focused on engineering more than ever.

Culture Edit

Languages Edit

Leyputrian native language is Saaminn. They know also language of their friends, Common.

Technology Edit

Although they are not into technology, Leyputrians are great engineers, who spend very much time on planning and designing their projects, because they value safety very high. Maased stands as a great example of abilities of Leyputrian technology. Leyputrian inventions include electricity, magnifying glass, gin, drill, train and water pump.

Relations Edit

Leyputrians have accepted Dwarfkin and Mankind as their friends, although they still don't trust Elders, because of magic's destructive nature. Nevertheless Leyputrians can make friends with everyone.