Capital, metropolis


Venos Council




Elf (74,100)
Goblin (11,400)
Troll (2,700)
Undead (1,280)
Dark Elf (340)
Half-elf (114)




Eastern Goldingen

Leth'Lorien is not only the capital of the Elven race, it is also the biggest city in the world by area and by population and one of the oldest cities in the world. It is designated as The crown of the Gods.

History Edit

The island, on which Leth'Lorien stands now was known as a sacred place thousands of thousands years ago. An Elven organisation called Erel Nora built a temple on the top of a cliff in honor of their Gods even before Elves possessed the knowledge of magic. The Gods, grateful for such an action bestowed the Elves of Erel Nora with the knowledge of magic.

Soon many Elves found out about the temple and massively went towards it. They wanted to acquire the knowledge of magic, too, in order to fight off their enemies. Elves of Erel Nora soon built a city around the temple to defend it against the curious. The city was constructed out of white stone and living plants.

Elves of Erel Nora spreaded other Elven tribes about their religion. Soon all Elven clans, except Druid clan joined the religion and together they founded Thel'quelar. Erel Nora soon reorganized into Venos Council which governs the enormous city. Members of Venos Council elected a ruler amidst them, Eltherin who became the king of all Elves.

Places Edit

Court of the Sun Edit

Court of the Sun is the main quarter of the enormous Elven city. It holds the palace of the Elven king, Lor'manel Le'thranaar and the ancient temple devoted to the Gods.

Stars' Home Edit

Others Edit

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