High Shaman








Anu'anak (spouse)

Lengala was the spiritual leader of the Morse and wife of Anu'anak.

Biography Edit

Death Edit

Several days after Battle for Frostheart during the nightfall Nayak Neyrum kidnapped Lengala. She was missing for many days but wasn't found. Spiritcaller Haang decided that she has been killed. During the farewell ceremony Lengala returned. Such turn of events surprised everyone.
Many observed strange changes in the Lengala's behaviour but thought that it's because of what she has suffered. After several weeks she tried to assassinate her husband Anu'anak. However, Spiritcaller Haang saw what she was trying to do and killed her before she managed to kill Anu'anak. However, Anu'anak didn't see that she was going to kill him and therefore evicted Spiritcaller Haang from Morse lands.
Lengala was cremated on the next day and her ashes were scattered in the Frozen Sea. In her honor Anu'anak erected a sculpture of her in the northern reaches of Coldlands.

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