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The Kingdom of Evergreen (a.k.a. Kingdom of Men or simply Kingdom) is only Human kindom still left on the world of Axarond.

History Edit

Formation Edit

King of the Nordic Kingdom, Lordus Eagleye had two children, brothers: Bruth Eagleye and Largrim Eagleye. Largrim was older, therefore he had to become the next king. As Lordus died Largrim was crowned. Later, that night Largrim was thrown into prison, to get rid of him, but it was announced that he was kidnapped, therefore Bruth became regent king of the Nordic kingdom. Later Largrim was freed by Shaladresa, a powerful Elven mage. They both revealed to the citizens of the Nordic Kingdom about the true circumstances of the situation, therefore they gathered an army to fight against Bruth for Largrim's rigtful throne, starting the War of two brothers. After a year of war Largrim understood that he couldn't win the war, therefore he chose to leave with his fellow followers.

After three years of searching Largrim found a place that his people can call homeland in Evergreen valley and founded Shaladlar, that he named in honor of his wife. This event marks the beginning of the counting of time.

Eagleye dinasty Edit

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Eagleye dinasty was the first dinasty that ruled over the Kingdom of Evergreen. In the beginning kingdom was twice attacked by Nordic Kingdom to expand the area of influence, but later Nordic Kingdom became weaker, therefore didn't attack. Eagleye dinasty marked a very long period of prosperity.

The last king of Eagleye dinasty was Baltazar Eagleye. He destroyed all ties with the Defiant, initiating a war. During the war the Kingdom of Evergreen splintered into nations: Evergreen, Eastarra, Wind Vale and Lordanore. At the end of the war Breneth Greygale managed to unite these nations, except for the Lordanore.

House of Greygale Edit

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House of Greygale is current ruling family of the Kingdom of Evergreen.

Territories of the Kingdom of Evergreen Edit