The remarkable King's Dam was built by the Dwarves of Waramard and is one of the most impressive wonders of the world. The construction dams up The Loch, more than tripling it's original size.

East of Northgate along Loch's northern shore is King's Dam. It traps the snowmelt from the mountains arounf Valley of Kings creating the lake. The dam was built by Master Engineer Thargos Hammervim.

Locations in Valley of Kings
Champions' Rest Hills · Cornerbrook Rest · Dragon's Breath · Eastway Highway · Ermires Overlook · Grand Chair · Gryphon Reaches · Hammerfall · King's Dam · King's Pass · The Loch (Five Sisters) · Louson Swamp (Louson Stand) · Meramar · Meramar Iron Mine · Northgate (Northgate Lumber Mill) · Overflow · Star Falls · Stream Source · Thunderaxe Valley · Vermoires Canyon (Vermoires River · West Pass · North Pass) Queen's Pass

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