Noras Talath

Racial leader(s)

Alleria Wyndarin



Known languages

Common (native)
Quelarian (native)


Horse, Hawk


(192 to 216cm) Male
(179 to 203cm) Female

Life span

220-350 years


Archery, Hawk-riding

Half-elf is a term used to describe the offspring of an Elven and a Human parent or two Half-elven parents.

History Edit

After Largrim Eagleye and Shaladresa Eagleye married each other, Shaladresa gave birth to Sedrick Eagleye. He was first known Half-elf in the world of Axarond. That was he, who made peace with the Defiant. It was unheard of Half-elves for a century or two, untill the first Half-elves appeared. They were unwelcomed between both, the Elves and the Humans. Eventually, both races got accustomed to Half-elves and adopted them as tantamount.

During Great war of the Kingdom of Evergreen Half-elves were the ones, who suffered the most. 80% of their population was killed, because Humans wanted to get rid of them, because they were partially Elves, the same was done by Elves, who wanted to get rid of them, because they were partially Humans. Eventually, Half-elves secluded from both, Humans and Elves and founded Noras Talath, a city, high in the mountains of northern Averdina. During this time they practiced archery and gryphon-riding. They survived destruction of Averdina pretty well, with small losses of people.

Only recently Humans have understood how helpful would be the hands of Half-elves to reclaim Darkwood Hills, therefore Half-elves have been accepted in the Force once again, although both races view one another as a threat.

Appearance Edit

Half-elf is slightly taller than Human, in the same time being slightly shorter than Elf. Half-elves are built much the same as slight humans, or heavy elves. Like their elven parents, they have fair skin. Half-elven eyes always are bright blue, but hair always are blond, red, brown and all variations of these colors. Half-elves don't possess the long ears of their elven parents, while they are a little bit extended in comparison to Human' ears. Though lacking their elven parents' longevity, Half-elves still enjoy a relatively long life span, with reaching maturity at 26 years of age and living two or three centuries on average. Only some Half-elves possess magic abilities, great example of this is Laon.

Relations Edit

Recently Half-elves have been accepted into the Force, but even now Humans view them with prejudice, as do Half-elves view Humans. Humans and Elves consider Half-elves bastards, because they are offsprings of Elves, too, but Humans have stepped a great step against Half-elves by once again accepting them in the Force. It is a thing, that arrogant Elves would never do. Half-elves, Dwarves and Leyputrians have completely accepted each other. Now Dwarves and Half-elves are great friends, so they are grudged by Humans, who have never had such a friendship with any other race. Defiant views Half-elves as the most dangerous of their enemies, because arcane mastery is known by some of them. Now Elves regret, that they have not accepted their Half-elven brethren, because their secrets of magic may get in the wrong hands (Humans, Dwarves, Leyputrians).

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