Froststone Mountains






Nord (4,500)
Ogre (1,000)
Troll (1,000)
Undead (460)
Werewolf (450)
Mankind (60)
Goblin (40)
Dwarf (20)




Lord Edrick

Other settlements

Owl Crossing (3,000)
Aderick's Retreat (500)
Assault Corral (500)
Norallion Keep (1,500)


Central Rudumaa


Meat, Fur, Herbs, Iron

Froststone Mountains is a mountainous region in central Rudumaa. Unlike most of it's neighbouring regions it is not affected by the Plague. Most of the region is covered in snow.

History Edit

First written records about Froststone Mountains are recorded when Nordic Kingdom conquered the region. It was one of the last regions to be conquered by the Kingdom (the last being Pestilence). Nords of Imperium City couldn't hide their surprise about their low level of development.

People and Culture Edit

People living in Froststone Mountains (Frostoneans, sometimes Forstborne) are

Faith Edit

After Nords came and introduced Frostoneans to Holy Light and enforced them to join it nature spirits, whom Frostoneans had worshiped thousands of years became angry. Weather of Froststone Mountains quickly became much colder, therefore several Frostoneans quietly restarted to worship nature spirits, hoping that the warmth will return. A bit more than a half of Frostoneans still enthusiastically worship nature spirits the way their ancestors did for thousands of years. Many Frostoneans believe in Holy Light which was brought by Nords of Imperium City. But a quarter of them are atheists who have abandoned Gods because none God has given them calm, peace and happiness.

Languages Edit

Frostoneans speak only one language - Common, which is the language of their former allies. During one thousand years long period of inclusion into the Nordic Kingdom they had forgotten the language of their own - Skagkell. Now only several runes on the stones around Babblespring Vale that are left tell us about the existence of such language.

Technology Edit

Prior Frostonean inclusion into the Nordic Kingdom their level of development was much lower than that of their former allies. They weren't familiar with such things as: Church, paper, books, ballistas, catapults, grenades, paint, turtles, gryphons, steam machines, gun, bow, gunpowder, ships, alchemy, magic. Their inclusion into the Kingdom vastly increased their level of development.
During their inclusion into the Kingdom they invented railroad. They planned to connect all major cities and towns of the Nordic Kingdom with the railroad, but soon came Curse of Undeath. They not only couldn't think about railroad, but also it didn't became popular yet. It was also considered very expensive back then.

Architecture Edit

Locations in Froststone Mountains
Assault Corral · Avalanche · The Deep Crater · Greatwood Vale (Aderick's Retreat · Black Rocks · Darwa'jin) · Howling Naze · Kings Creek · King's Road · Iron Deposit (Deep Shafts) · Iron Manufacture · Junction Guard · Morgana's Stead · Mount Cloudkisser (Cloudkisser Basecamp · Cloudkisser Summit) · Norallion Keep · Norallion Village · Ogre Mound · Owl Crossing · Railroad (Stormguard Station · Owl Crossing Station · Tunnel) · Red Corner · Ruins of Stormguard (The Lane · North District [ The Old Cathedral · Stormguard City Graveyard · Warrior's Guild] · Royal Garden · South District [ The Sanctum · Stormguard Lake] · Stormguard Keep) · Sludge Fields · The Twin Lakes

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