Fields of Shifting Sands is a vast lowland located in the centre of Upper Prairies, lower than the rest of the region. The lowland was created due to a meteorite impact. This particular area holds the biggest population of predators. The area receives it's name from the shifting sands in the heart of the lowland.

Locations in the Upper Prairies
Alee · Bloodscalp Village · Calmere · Camp Seven Stars · Drygulch Ravine · Fields of Shifting Sands · Grullum's Farm · Hanaan · Linden Mere · Marshtide · Mesa Frigid Winds · Neon Lake · Neonaan Basin · Rapidrash River · Rock Crystalclear · Rolling Plains · Screaming Winds Pass · Southwind Highway · Spiritwalk · Splinterspear Water Well · Thunderhorn Water Well · Verdantlush Oasis · Via Lappia · Windrunner Water Well

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