Far Far East






Darkskin (11,000)
Mankind (5,000)
Goblin (4,100)
Elf (1,000)
Leyputrian (100)


Absolute monarchy


Carad Thickbrows

Other settlements

Holy Bay
Darkcloud Pinnacle


Sea of Mists


Timber, Gold, Fur

Far Far East is a chain of islands in the Sea of Mists, to the east of Usumaa. It is populated by Darkskins.

History Edit

Geography Edit

Far Far East consists of 96 islands and islets.

Locations in Far Far East
Agamand Pumpkin Yard · Aquareef · Aracnica · Aracnica Crossing · Aurora Isle · Bay of Storms · Dalson's Apple Orchard · Darkcloud Pinnacle · Dying Wood · Eastern Golden Dig · Estuzar · Gaol · Great Canyon · Holy Bay · Island of Corpses (Adalwatha) · Mount Vonasond (Crater) · Nazgarand Creek · Northgale Lumber Yard · Rainbow Lake · Sacred Grounds · Sky Falls · Skygate Way · Slave Pits · Sorrowwind Vale · Vicious Wood (Lake of Tears) · Vonasond · Wreckage of Light's Hope

Additional information Edit

  • Far Far East is a reference to many children stories, whose first opening line often is: "Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far, away..." However, Far Far East is not a kingdom.

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