Eternals or Spirits are Axarond's immortal demigods.

Known Eternals Edit

Elemental Lords Edit

Dragon Aspects Edit

Thru'Sereth is the Dragon Aspect of Time who is as old as the time itself. His purpose is to guard the ever-spinning pathways of fate and destiny.
Krasus is the youngest of all the Dragon Aspects. He was created by all the other Dragon Aspects in order to guard Mortals from corrupting themselves via using magic.
Arbora is the creator of life's essence. She has created all the living beings alive. Now she's missing in a parallel universe known as the Dream.
Creator of the known universe. She has created Axarond, it's seas, skies and it's land.

Deceased Edit

Father of all of the Dragons. Shrift tried to destroy the existence itself but was killed by his own children.
Septimus was put in charge by the Titans to guard other Dragon Aspects but was later corrupted by Shrith's spirit. He along with his dragonflight was killed after he tried to resurrect Shrift.
Senestra is mother of Arbora and creator of the Dream. Septimus managed to imprison her in the timeways thus she's missing and probably deceased.

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