Erathna Uplands


Ruins of Kel'Theraal




Mankind (700)
Barbarian (1,000)
Werewolf (50)
Pandar (300)
Goblin (40)
Dwarf (120)
Ogre (700)
Elf (100)
Orc (100)
Ath (135)





Other settlements

Capital Point
Shu - Wey Village
Sandstorm Pass


Southwetern Rudumaa


Hunting, Treasure, Wheat, Apples, Flowers, Herbs

Erathna Uplands (aka. simply as Erathna) is a region in the southwestern part of Rudumaa.

History Edit

Before the rise of Athean Empire Erathna Uplands was a desert. It is unknown what sapient races populated the region before Ath. Much of Athean Empire's economic was based on trade therefore they built many roads which are still present in the region. Ruins of their majestic cities can still be seen all over the vast and lush meadows. The Empire failed because of the destruction of Sordranil which caused splintering of the continents and thus limiting their trade options and separating the kingdom itself into many parts.
After the Fall of Athean Empire Barbarians arrived in this region, now Ath race is on the brink of extinction. Now the Force and the Guardians have come to Erathna to fight for this region, which now worsens the situation of Ath.

Geography Edit

Erathna Uplands is a hilly highland. The whole region is a meadow with only few trees. Those were Ath who brought plants to this previously desert region. In the southwestern section of the region lies the impressive Ruins of Kel'Theraal, which was an Ath city ten thousand years ago. Roads built by Ath which connected various places of Athean Empire still crisscross the region. Mainly in the eastern part of Erathna Uplands many rock formations made by Ath ancestors stand.

Locations in Erathna Uplands
Arka'Dathy · Arthur's Knoll · Bloodfall · Capital Point · Distant Plains · Erathan Manor · Grove of the Four Eternals · High Crossing · Hundred Steps · Janickssen Stead · Jorgen Ogre Field · Lone Field · Mountain Way · Net · Ordrillar · Ordrilon Link · Peacedowns · Quarte Mar · Ruins of Kel'Theraal · Ruins of Sylvanar · Sandstorm Pass · Shen'dohan · Shu - Wey Village · Spire of Dread · Temple of Zul'manashi · Whispering Dell · Withered Oak · Xuma'Nethor

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