Erathan Manor is located to the west of Capital Point. It was the place from which Force governed Erathna Uplands. It's owner was Arthur Erathan and his family. After Lieutenant Norsen by the orders of Dwarven king Azmo Silversickle killed Arthur Erathan unbeknownst to Furion Greygale who appointed Arthur as the governor of Erathna thieves overran the whole area. However, later Dwarves managed to restore order in the manor. Erathna Uplands have been named after Arthur Erathan.

Locations in Erathna Uplands
Arka'Dathy · Arthur's Knoll · Bloodfall · Capital Point · Distant Plains · Erathan Manor · Grove of the Four Eternals · High Crossing · Hundred Steps · Janickssen Stead · Jorgen Ogre Field · Lone Field · Mountain Way · Net · Ordrillar · Ordrilon Link · Peacedowns · Quarte Mar · Ruins of Kel'Theraal · Ruins of Sylvanar · Sandstorm Pass · Shen'dohan · Shu - Wey Village · Spire of Dread · Temple of Zul'manashi · Whispering Dell · Withered Oak · Xuma'Nethor

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