Eagleye dinasty of the Kingdom of Evergreen was the ruling family of the Kingdom of Evergreen and continuation of Eagleye dinasty of Nordic Kigdom. Some believe that Eagleye dinasty of The Kingdom is part of Eagleye dinasty of the Nordic Kingdom. Although both families are connected by family ties they don't share any feelings against each other.

Known members Edit

Name Ruled (from-to) Role Status
Largrim Eagleye (0-62AC) Founder of the Kingdom of Shaladlar and Shaladlar. Deceased
Shaladresa Eagleye (0-62AC) Elven magi. She saved Largrim from Bruth's mischief and later married him. Deceased
Sedrick Eagleye (62AC-97AC) The first known Half-elf. Second king of the Kingdom of Evergreen. Deceased
Yera Eagleye (65AC-69AC) Wife of Sedrick. Deceased
Walt Eagleye (97AC-117AC) Son of Sedrick. Deceased
Largrim Eagleye II (97AC-146AC) Son of Sedrick. Didn't have children. Deceased
Baltazar Eagleye (769AC-821AC) The last king of the Kingdom of Evergreen that was member of Eagleye dinasty. He is very great-grandson of Walt Eagleye. Deceased
Litha Bloodblade (771AC-858AC) Daughter of Baltazar. She married the count of Eastarra, becoming the ruling family of it. Deceased
Sara Eagleye (771AC-855AC) Daughter of Baltazar. Deceased
Moira Ironhand (771AC-???) Daughter of Baltazar. After she married king of Dwarves, Haldar Ironhand she moved to Dwarf homeland. Later there is no information about her further life. Deceased (presumably)

Living members Edit

Name (Born-Died) Role Status
Drastor Bloodblade (989AC-present) Count of Eastarra. Alive
Jean Eagleye (995AC-present) Leader of the army of the Kingdom of Evergreen. Alive
Archbishop Benedictus (966AC-present) Leader of the Church. Alive