Darkwood Hills (Averdina)


Noras Talath (9,000) (Force)
Khangorod (6,000) (Barbarians)




Half-elf (9,500)
Barbarian (6,300)
Undead (2000)
Mankind (1,200)
Pirates (1,000)
Dwarf (300)
Druid (100)
Elder (100)
Fairy (100)




Khan Khogad (Barbarians)
Highlord Walden Ironsword (Mankind)
Alliden Daggercap (Pirates)

Other settlements

Darkwood Forward Command (1,300)
Daggercap (850)
Ruins of Ol'shore (150)


Southern Hallearia


Timber (formerly: Wine, Seafood, Corn, Vegetables, Jewelery)

Formerly known as Averdina (Common: "green belt"), the Darkwood Hills are the forests and farmlands to the north of Barbarian Wall, Evergreen Valley. Half-elves and Defiant still call Darkwood Hills Averdina.

History Edit

First documented event in Averdina was Human entering in the region. They settled there some years before founding of Shaladlar. Firstly, they dislodged Barbarians and founded Meridian. Region was too small for such amounts of people and therefore many of them went further to the south, to Evergreen Valley.
Soon after forming of Shaladlar many returned to Averdina, because Shaladlar was too crowded to them. These people founded Ol'shore.
Averdina was ruled by counts of House of Yggard 700 years. During their reign Averdina grew into significant, wealthy and prosperous region, which was famous with their vegetables, corn, wine, seafood and amber jewelery.
The green woods and meadows to the north of Evergreen Valley were called Averdina until they were attacked by hordes of Barbarians, which accidentally happened during war for the throne of the Kingdom of Men. However, Andreus Eagleye managed to win the war. He quickly ordered to built a wall that would deny the opportunity to invade further into Human lands and evacuate inhabitants of Averdina. He understood, that it was too late to fight with Barbarians for Averdina, because the Kingdom of Evergreen was incapable to face a new threat. During Barbarian assault many people died, many were taken hostage, while others became Pirates.
During the Great war of the Kingdom of Evergreen, (which occured after Barbarian assault and before awakening of Aggrakar) when Half-elves were hunted like animals, they founded the city of Noras Talath in the northern reaches of the region.
Barbarian maleficence they brought with themselves awakened Demon, known as Aggrakar. He enslaved barbarians and his presence caused an evil taint to disseminate. This taint caused survivors to become Undead and forests to die, clouds to suppress the sunlight, hence the name Darkwood.
But now Barbarians have contrived to destroy the Kingdom of Men with the help of Sildarilans, but Humans have sought to reclaim their former home with the help of the newly accepted Half-elven allies. And it seems, that Humans are winning.

Geography Edit

Darkwood Hills is a darkened forest with not even a glimmer of sun. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides; it is very elevated and is full of hills and cliffs. Only western edge of the woods is relatively healthy and looks the same as the whole zone looked before it became dark. This part of the wood is inhabited by fairies.

To the north of Darkwood Hills is Barbarica, to the south Evergreen Valley and to the east is Sea of Mists.

Locations in Darkwood Hills
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