Daola Ragetotem


Chief of the Ragetotem Tribe






Deceased (Born 999 AC)


Agnik (father)
Ayre Ragetotem (mother)
Taelan Ragetotem (grandfather)
Arridan Ragetotem (great-grandfather)

Daola Ragetotem is the ruler of the Ragetotem Tribe of Taurus. After death of her mother she had pledged loyalty to the Guardians. However, she seeks to restore the glory of her people and pay homage to the legacy of her mother.

Biography Edit

Soon after Agnik and Ayre Ragetotem married, Agnik died in unclear circumstances. Soon it was discovered that Ayre was pregnant with Daola. She was born in spring 999 AC. During her childhood she lacked her mother's love who chiseled plans for killing Redrall Wayfarer.

After her mother was killed by Edros Wayfarer she decided to finish what her mother had begun. She seeked for allies to the Immoral Clan of Dwarves. During her visit to form an arrangement with the Immoral Clan, she was overthrown by her own people. When she knew of this she became histerical and went crazy. Her head advisor Grund Ragetotem took the charge as a regent.

Quotes Edit

  • You will be remembered... You will be avenged, even if it's the last thing I do.
  • I fear... nothing.
Preceded by:
Ayre Ragetotem
Chief of the Ragetotem Tribe
Succeeded by:
Council of the Ragetotem

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