Crystalway (sometimes Icebright or Permafrost) is a system of caves, leading from foothills of Waramard Mountain to the surface of the Glacier. When going through Crystalway you can see many animals frozen in the ice. There are countless ice shards on the ceiling of the caves that endanger the travelers.

Locations in Gormod Moz
Barricades · Bears' Den · Cavernale · Crystalway · Dun Cadras · Freezewind · Hiddenvale · Hot Pools (Cave of Inner Peace) · Ghadaros · Glacier · Glaciermelt Lake · Glaciermelt Village · Gormod Moz Pass · Icefrost · Ironway · Lower Station · Middle Station · Morass Coast · Pinerosin River · Port Morass · Quarry Mine · Rainbow Rock · Rivercoast Ranch · Silent Grounds · Sleeper Lake · Springwind Pass · Springwind Ridge (Salazzar Pointe) · Taurand Lake · The Icefalls · The Makers' Vale · Tower of the Guardians · Upper Station · Gate of Waramard (Waramard)

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