Hamlet, Harbour


Mayor Polonius




Orc (400)
Troll (40)
Goblin (40)
Elf (40)
Undead (30)
Mankind (4)
Dwarf (3)




Western Newfoundland

Colonia is a hamlet built on the banks of Forbidding Sea. It contains such amenities as: pub, blacksmith, flight master, fishing and cooking trainers, mailbox, stables.

History Edit

Colonia was founded by Humans who wished to establish a port in Newfoundland. At the beginning the town thrived, since it was the only Human establishment in Newfoundland. After formation of Antonia and later Thessalar the town began to languish since it was further from Kingdom of Evergreen than any other town in Newfoundland. Soon population began to fastly fall and the town began to suffer constant attacks from Orcs and Trolls.
Recently a fierce battle occured here between the Force and the Guardians. After the battle the town fell to the Guardians' prepotency. Now Guardians have gained a harbour in Usumaa. After the battle the town's buildings have been restored and survivors are thrown in the prison.

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