Cashenith Empire


Khan Cashenith III

Secondary Leaders

Lord Zedreck




Last Stand


30 000

Other settlements

Legion Hold
Termissaund Hold



Cashenith Empire is a Barbarian empire in southeastern Rudumaa.

History Edit

Khan Cashenith I was leader of Harmspear Clan of Barbarians. Soon after the fall of Nordic Kingdom he united all Barbarian clans and founded Cashenith Empire which is named after him. Formerly Cashenith Empire was a major threat to Dwarven Kingdom and Forsaken Land. They forayed Dwarven and Undead inhabited territories therefore rulers of both kingdoms signed Sembean Treaty after which they evicted Barbarians from Valley of Kings and partially from Sembean Bay and Borderlands. But then both kingdoms started to fight one another because they couldn't arrange about their boundaries.

Cashenith Empire must use this in order to restore their former might or they will be crushed under those weak Dwarves and Undead.

Territories Edit

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