Cape of Storms


Capetown (1,200)


~ 4,000






Baron Redshet

Other settlements

Wave Splitter
Southwind Keep


Southern Usumaa


Timber, Jewelry, Fish, Fur, Meat, Treasure

Cape of Storms is a region in the extreme south of Usumaa. To the north is Newfoundland, Wind Vale and Eastarra, to the east is Sea of Mists, to the west is Forbidding Sea.

History Edit

Recent History Edit

After a devastating earthquake in the Cape of Storms, Southwind Keep asks Shaladlar for help. King Furion Greygale sends a ship with supplies to help Kingdom's forces in Southwind Keep. Guardians see this as Force's weakness and sends their forces to eliminate Force's presence in the Cape of Storms. While sailing to Southwind Keep, Wave Splitter is dragged towards a maelstrom on the coast of Cape of Storms and is shpwrecked next to it.

Most of the crew of the Wave Splitter has died but those who have survived try to safeguard the ship and asks for Shaladlar's help again. Shaladlar refuses to give help once again because of reduced amount of available resources. After one last hit by the Guardians, Southwind Keep falls in their hands and Guardians begin restorating it. When Force arrives to the keep they see it under control of the Guardians and start a battle for it, thus creating a small warzone.

Admiral Hawkwind, leader of the Guardians' forces in the Cape of Storms is hungry for more power and he tries to make a bond with local Trolls but fails. Instead, they attack them at Southwind Keep and after seeing that they have a common enemy Trolls make a bond with Humans. In order not to lose the keep, Admiral Hawkwind decides to bomb the keep along with himself and the keep's defenders so Force could not surpass them. The explosion kills most of the battling Trolls and Humans.

After discovering that Admiral Hawkwind is dead, Lor'manel Le'thranaar sends Stregros Silverblade to the Cape of Storms who strengthens Elven settlement of Astra'dor and pays Seven Seas Union to bomb Wave Splitter thus eliminating Force's presence in the region once and for all.

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