Calendar is a system for counting of time.

The length of one day on Axarond and Earth is the same, but the length of one week on Axarond is approximately 9 days during which Shalo circuits Axarond. One month is approximately 3.5 weeks during which Caepethia circuits Axarond. There are 27-36 days in a month. There are 12 months in a year, with overall 384 days in it.

There are five known types of calendars:

  • Elven (lunar) calendar - The oldest known type of calendar. One solar year equals 0.6253 lunar years. This calendar is used by Elves, Dark Elves, Trolls, Taurus and Vampires. Due to this calendar being extremely old, it is separated into three eons: Goldenleaf, Silverleaf and the Eon of Blood respectively. It is now year 6253 of the Goldenleaf eon.
  • Drakkanar (lace) calendar - Lace calendar was invented towards the fall of the Drakkanar Empire by it's emperor. This calendar was used by Taurus and Trolls until about a century ago when both races adopted Elven calendar. To this day some people in rural regions still use this calendar
  • Dwarven (old) calendar - This calendar uses solar year. In year 492 this calendar was adopted by Humans but in 519 it was reformed with only the anti-globalist Bel Bor Clan of Dwarves using this calendar to this very day.
  • Human (new calendar) - Year 0 of the calendar represents the formation of the Kingdom of Evergreen. This calendar invented the usage of BC for years prior to the the founding of the kingdom and AC for years after that. Currently it is 1038 AC.
  • Goblin (common) calendar - Used by Goblins, Undead, Thosians and Orcs.
  • Breton calendar - An archaic form of calendar. Doesn't have years but instead consists of four eras or ages.

Events (New Calendar) Edit

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