Bel Bor Dwarves - Keepers of Secrets





Racial leader(s)

Dementhor Stormstone


9 000

Known languages

Old Dwarven, Common


Ram, Bear, Sheep


(119 to 144cm) Male
(113 to 138cm) Female

Life span



Fishing, Hunting

The Old Ways Clan (Old Dwarven: Bel Bor Clan, formerly called Waramard Clan) of Dwarves is the smallest Dwarven clan. Bel Bor Dwarves are hill dwarves, meaning that they live primarily in hilly areas. These Dwarves have befriended with Half-elves and learnt from them Gryphon-riding skill.

Description Edit

History Edit

This is the oldest Dwarven clan of Hallearia. It is originated from Modan Clan. Baradin Stormstone was the last ruler of Waramard Clan. He had two twin sons - Drasos Stormstone and Rodimus Silversickle. When their father died both sons initiated a war for the rule over the Dwarven race. Most Dwarves were loyal to Rodimus, but only several served Drasos but some Dwarves under the guidance of Adamant Warhammer left Gormod Moz, to live in a more peaceful place, Palasade. They later became Palasadean Clan.
When Drasos later understood that it is useless to spill the blood of Dwarves he refused from the throne of Silversickle Kingdom and went in exile with his followers to Dunwald.

Culture Edit

Faith Edit

Bel Bor Dwarves have close ties to nature. There are many shamans and druids within them. Some take the path of the religion of Humans, but it is too demanding to their style of life. But most Bel Bor Dwarves believe in the pantheon of gods.

Languages Edit

Bel Bor Dwarves speak two languages, their native language Old Dwarven and the language of their allies, Common. Some Bel Bors have learned also tha languages of their enemies in espionage purposes.

Appearance Edit

Bel Bor Dwarves have dark black eye color and black, dark brown or red hair color. They are taller, leaner, tougher and stronger than their cousins of Silversickle Clan. Usually they live in shinier places than Silversickles, thus they have inherited darker skin tone. Bel Bors do not share the love against technologies as Silversickles do. Bel Bors care about their Giant ancestry even more than Silversickles, but unlike Silversickles they don't dig up the relics of their ancestors, because they consider it is grave plundering, which is not understandable by their culture and often receives their condemnations. Bel Bor Dwarves often practice shamanism, divine magic, druidism and voodoo, which is rare within other Dwarf clans, which are affiliated with the Force. They often paint their body with traditional tattoos and adorn their heads and necks with feathers, necklases, totems and good luck charms in homage to the ideas, people and creatures they revere.

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