Ayre Ragetotem


Chief of the Ragetotem Tribe






Deceased (973AC - 1036 AC)


Agnik (spouse)
Daola (daughter)
Alana Windrunner (mother)
Lok'tar Windrunner (father)
Taelan Ragetotem (father-in law)
Arridan Ragetotem (grandfather-in law)
Redrall Wayfarer (uncle-in law)

Ayre Ragetotem was the wife of Agnik, late ruler of the Ragetotem Tribe. After his death she became the chief of the Ragetotem Tribe. After the treason she had done towards the Guardians, she has been killed by Edros Wayfarer.

Biography Edit

Ayre was born in a stormy night of 973AC. Her mother Alana Windrunner was wife of the chief of Windrunner Tribe. She named her child Ayre which means "bluet" in Ratakhe. As a young girl, she was blessed with shamanistic powers by the spirit of northern wind.

When Ayre was the age of 5 her parents along with all of the tribe were killed by Redrall Wayfarer and his soldiers for unknown reason. She grew up as an orphan with nobody to trust, therefore she set up home for herself, distantly from everyone else. She learned the ways of herbalism and came to be a not only a well-known shaman but a good herbalist as well.

After 20 more years, at the age of 25 she was stolen as a bride for the chieftain of the Ragetotem tribe - Agnik Ragetotem. Soon after their wedding chief Agnik died in unclear circumstances which made Ayre the new chief - the first female chief of any Taurus tribe ever. This was followed by a message that Ayre was pregnant with Daola.

When Daola grew up Ayre realised her plan to revenge Redrall Wayfarer for killing her parents and all her tribe. This caused an all-out war between the Ragetotems and the Guardians which turned out to be bad for the Ragetotems, most of whom, including herself, paid the ultimate price for Ayre's ambitions.

Following Force's arrival at the Redstone Mountains, which was encouraged by her to attack the Guardians from behind, she was executed by Edros Wayfarer. Her body was found by her daughter Daola who swore her death won't be in vain and dispersed her ashes above the Everbreeze Bay.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Quotes Edit

  • You will not be forgotten. You are part of us. We are part of you.
  • Hear me, my people! You and I... we were meant to achieve great destiny.
  • That scum was born to die!
  • Hello. It's boomerang. Your sins have returned to you to pay the ultimate price.
  • We are family. You can trust me.
  • You caught me in the crime scene! But I'm just another bypasser.
  • My fault was to help your people? My sins were to help you? I'd better die now than be judged by someone who would blame me for anything they can think of!
  • Please be compassionate. Everyone makes their mistakes. And I'm one of them.
  • Fate? It's rubbish! Only strong people can forge their destiny. Others are influenced by the strong.
  • Hunter is nothing without the hunt. You are nothing without me.
  • I... die... with... a curse... on my... lips.
Preceded by:
Agnik Ragetotem
Chief of the Ragetotem Tribe
Succeeded by:

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