Andreus Eagleye


King of the Kingdom






Deceased (681AC - 762AC)


Alice Fawell (mother)
Leo Eagleye II (grandfather)
August Fawell (step-brother)
Stephen Eagleye IV (son)
Margrete Eagleye (spouse)

Andreus Eagleye was the king of the Kingdom from 711AC to 758AC. He spent his childhood in orphanage. Great tactitian. During his reign Kingdom was on it's zenith; he built Barbarian Wall and founded Silverblades.

Biography Edit

Andreus Eagleye was born to daughter of Leo Eagleye II, Alice Fawell. He lived in a small village to the north of Evergreen Valley, which was later destroyed by Barbarians. During this attack they somehow divorced. Andreus Eagleye then was taken to orphanage, where he grew up.

After he left the orphanage he became a warrior. He quickly managed to get to the position of captain of the 14th Legion. It's the time when he found his mother once again. After several years Saruz Eagleye died, therefore Andreus wanted to become the king of the Kingdom, when he found out that he is rivaled by his older step-brother August Fawell.